Watch straps


watch straps

One of those essential things most watches need. Did you know though, that we sell leather, nylon, rubber, steel, gold-plated and gold straps, and we can fit and adjust them for you? Choose from a wide range of attractive straps, which will give an older watch a new lease of life, making it look like new again.

Ruby-July birthstone



Ruby is the birthstone for July. A red gemstone which can vary in colour from a pinkish-red to a deep red, which can greatly influence its value. Prized by many cultures the gem is also historically associated with love, desire and power.

Usually set in gold jewellery, its a popular choice for settings in rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklets & more.

Medic Alert

Gold disc

9ct gold disc

Allergies, medications and conditions, concern a lot of people. We can engrave Medic alerts and notifications onto silver and gold discs worn as a pendant, to alert medics as to ailments and medications taken to help effectively treat a wearer if required.
Who says jewellery can’t be attractive and practical at the same time.
Drop in for more information.

Cornish themed charms

Engine house

Engine house

Cornish themed charms that you can thread with your own choice of coloured beads onto a silver bracelet, is a fun way to personalise your own jewellery and look. Popular brands of bracelets include Pandora and Troll beads to name a few. We stock a number of Cornish themed charms that will thread onto your bracelet, including an engine house (pictured), pasty and pixie, each a popular memory of Cornwall. Drop into Camborne and Helston and add to your bead collection, or shop online HERE

Pearl June birthstone

Pearl earring

Pearl earring

Pearl is the birthstone for June. Known as an organic gem as its formed within an oyster, the lustre and shine of pearls have captivated people for Centuries.

Words of wisdom; with jewellery and especially pearl jewellery, put it on last and take it off first are the golden rules. Cosmetics and sprays can discolour pearls and snagging a necklet on clothing as its removed can damage it. With care you’ll enjoy their lustre for years.