Birthstones by month

emerald & diamond earringsEach month has a designated birthstone associated with it. Jewellery set with that gem makes a popular birthday gift, with designs incorporating that gem often carried over to the pendant, earrings and bracelet, making great birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts. The jewellers skill ensures each gem can be set in such a way, as to enhance it’s natural beauty. Click a month for more info

Garnet - January birthstone

garnetGarnet is the birthstone associated for the month of January. This gemstone is commonly recognised as a reddish-brown, though other varieties can also be a pinkish red or even green colour. The popular deep, warm red variety of this gem looks luxurious set in gold jewellery and enhances its natural beauty.

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Legend even has it that Noah suspended garnet in the Ark in order to disperse light, and it is also said to ‘cure melancholy and warm the heart’.

Amethyst - February birthstone
amethystAmethyst is the birthstone for February. It is a beautiful clear gem coloured in shades of purple, lilac or mauve, that will also show a bluish or reddish purple tinge when viewed as it is tilted and rotated.

Amethyst has its’ own folklore, as is said to ‘guard against drunkeness and instil a sober and serious mind’. It was a popular gem in Victorian times and featured in fine jewellery made in that era.  A popular gemstone now found set in modestly priced silver jewellery to more elaborate 18ct gold pieces, making it a suitable gift for all pockets. Check in-store for more.

Aquamarine - March birthstone
The birthstone gem associated with the month of March is Aquamarine. The colour of this gem varies from a sea-green, (from which its name is derived) to the more familiar sky blue or dark blue. The gem can appear blue or colourless depending on the angle it’s viewed from. The gem cutters skill is to cut the gem facets so that it brings out the best of its colour, sparking as it’s worn. Aquamarine is related to the Emerald family.
Diamond - April birthstone
DiamondDiamond is the gemstone & birthstone associated with the month of April. Often recognised as a ‘colourless gemstone’ Diamond can also occur in a range of colours, including green, blue, yellow and red. Flawless & coloured or fancy diamonds of a good carat weight are rare and very valuable . It has been a popular gem in jewellery for Centuries for good reason. Being the hardest of gems they retain their brilliance even after years of wear. A family heirloom set with diamonds is often treasured as it is passed down the generations.

The brilliance of a diamond is due to the gem cutters skill, as it is cut to allow as much light to be reflected and refracted as that stone allows. That is why a diamond has such sparkle and scintillation. Diamonds are graded by the 4 Cs, which are colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. The better the colour, clarity and cut, the more the gem sparkles, and a bigger gem obviously sparkles the most.

Emerald - May birthstone


Emerald is the birthstone for May. A beautiful green colour, it also has a well known gemstone relative called Aquamarine. Emerald is rarely flawless, and often has inclusions which makes the gem so recognisable. A flawless Emerald therefore is a rare and valuable gem indeed. Often found in historical jewellery, Emeralds were also prized long ago by the Egyptians in the reign of Cleopatra.

Pearl - June birthstone
Pearl earring

Pearl earring

Pearl the birthstone for June is an organic gem that is formed within an oyster shell. The lustre and shine of pearls have captivated people all over the World for Centuries. Every Pearl is unique in its colour, lustre, size and shape, and for that reason when strung into necklets, they are graded and matched as perfectly as possible. Freshwater pearls are generally more irregular in shape than cultured pearls, but have a pearlescent lustre and unique qualities of their own. You can shop online for pearl set jewellery here.

Words of wisdom; with jewellery put it on last and take it off first are the golden rules. Cosmetics and sprays can discolour pearls and snagging a necklet on clothing as its removed can damage it. With care you’ll enjoy their lustre for years.

Ruby - July birthstone
rubyRuby is the birthstone gem for the month of July. It is recognised as a red gemstone, that can vary in shade from a pinkish-red to a deep red. The depth and clarity of its colour can greatly influence its value, with a deep, clear red gem the most valuable. Ruby gems are historically prized by many cultures, and are also mythologically associated with love, desire and power.

Usually set in gold jewellery, the gem is a popular choice for setting in rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklets & more. One of the hardest gemstones, second only to Diamond, it can resist general wear. That’s why antique jewellery and family heirlooms set with Ruby, often look beautiful years after they were first worn.

Not all rubies are faceted cut stones, and some are instead polished as smooth as a pebbleThese special stones are know as a Star Cabachons, as when viewed you can see a six rayed star reflected on its surface.

Peridot - August birthstone
Sapphire - September birthstone
Opal - October birthstone
Topaz - November birthstone
Turquoise - December birthstone