Helston Flora Day is an annual festival held each year on the 8th of May, in Helston Cornwall. It’s famous for the Flora Dance, when people of all ages dance in the streets during the day, and enjoy the carnival experience. It is a spring festival said to pre-date Christianity; one of the oldest surviving May customs celebrating the end of winter and coming of spring. The town will be decorated with bluebells, gorse & laurel leaves. H Traditionally the dancers will wear a sprig of the Lily of the Valley flower. You can collect a souvenir of Flora Day, with one of our unique Lily of the Valley flower brooch. This piece of jewellery is made of sterling silver and set with pearls, capturing the likeness of the beautiful Lily flower.

If you decide to visit, be sure to drop in to Roy Doble Jeweller’s in Coinagehall Street. We have a number of Cornish themed gift ideas, as well as Cornish tin jewellery. We also have Cornish tankards and hip flasks, plus a range of the popular Celtic design jewellery. We look forward to seeing you on Flora Day.